Limited Edition Feel Good Bevy Mix Seasonal Gift Set

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Rather than reaching for booze by default when you’re craving a “me” moment or are catching up with old friends, why not try a cup of something simple, plant-based, and delicious. We’re not here to tell you to go totally cold turkey - we still love a celebratory pop of a bottle and clink of a glass, we just think it is nice to have some alternatives now and then.

Set includes:

- Mood + Energy Lifting Sipping VERTE Chocolate + Cacao Powder.

- 3 Single Serve Rasa Coffee Alternatives.

- Mini Balancing CBD Sublingual Oil.

- 5 Single Serve Body + Brain Energizing MUD\WTR Chai Tea Packets

- Juna Balance Tincture

- Recipe Card.

- Limited to 15 editions.

- Retail Value $96, savings $21.











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