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Breathing for Anxiety + Stress Relief: Expert Session

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Breathwork Expert Claudia Nanino offers a 30 minute personalized and private introductory session to working with our breath. Sharing the breath as a tool for active meditation by giving the mind a single point of focus - breath - helping to quiet our busy minds.

Highlights include:

- Mitigate Stress and Anxiety.

- Lifetime Tool for Improved Well-being.

- Deeper Sessions Available.



  • Oxygen.

  • There are many different types of breathwork: from simpler practices that can be done in a minute or two, to deeper experiences that can take an hour or more.
    There are some that are meant to be more energizing, some are more relaxing, and others help heal trauma and release emotions.
    I recommend trying different styles and see what resonates best with your body.
    Since each will give you different results, you can always come back to the specific practice that works best for your immediate needs.

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